Clint Clymer Honest, heartfelt, music from the heartland is in rare supply these days. But Clint Clymer serves it up by the acre on It’s All About the Ride, his exceptional new release on Big Bender. Across a sparse, acoustic musicscape, Clymer sings haunting, unflinching, self-penned songs about wasted love, loss and the cost of the lush life. Best of all, he sounds like a man who knows his subject matter firsthand, whether it’s battling the bottle, busted dreams or bucking broncos.
Shitkickers From the humble beginnings of a three-piece, three-song side show act, The ShitKickers have blossomed into a six(and sometimes seven)piece onslaught of banjo and whiskey flurries. Difficult to define, they've been rumored to consider themselves swampscat, cowpunk, skatestomp, drunken bluegrass fishing music. They've played with the likes of Mojo Nixon, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Mr. T Experience, The Forgotten, The Faction, The Real MacKenzies, X, and Dr. Know. They just finished recording their third album 'Noon's Moonlight' at "The Legendary Birthplace of Rock and Roll" Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Earps The Earps are a rock n roll band with honky tonk influences. They have been called "cowpunk" and "butt rockabilly". One local Phoenix country-blues artist described them as "Hank III... KISS... David Allan Coe... New York Dolls... Jason and the Scorchers..." The Earps are known for entertaining live shows that fall somewhere between arena rock and episodes of Hee Haw.

Tornado Magnet
Tornado Magnet has created a melodic blend of Insurgent/ Alt Country Rock'n roll and Americana music forged with years of seasoned experience.  The new 10 song includes guest performances by some of the South West's most legendary and notorious Americana insurgent Alt Country Rockers and includes handy work by past & present member / alumni from:
The Beat Farmers, The Johnny Cash Band, The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash, Convoy, West Coast Pin Ups, Whiskey Tango, The Hideaways, Hazel O'Connor, & Tony Sheridan bands respectfully.
The Utah County Swillers   When most people think "Utah" they quickly think of a few things. Mormons, polygamists and super uptight conservative assholes. While that may be true, there is in fact--fucked up hillbillies up here in the mountains who know how to have a damn good time! Back in 2002, a few drunks bellied up to the bar. After several shots of whiskey and countless beers, the idea to get a band together suddenly emerged. Under the drunken misdirection of Swillin' Willis, members of Endless Struggle, the Unlucky Boys and Thunderfist set out to create a new sound that simply doesn't exist in the high mountain valleys of Utah. It's music by rednecks--for rednecks! Yee Haww! It's trucker punk for the workin' man and we're pulling out all the stops.

The Way-Goners are in some ways a throwback to the good old days when beer drinking, juke joints, and a raunchy band went together like dance floors and sawdust. Doing it up in the tradition of their honky tonk heroes Waylon, Merle, Hank, and others; playing anywhere that can offer the band free beer and a good vibe. Formed in early 2005, THE WAY-GONERS have found an outlet for their brand of rocking country music across the small river bars of southern Louisiana to the bright lights and big city stages of Nashville and Austin. Adopting a "Wherever and Whenever" approach to gigging has given the group the opportunity to become a tough, hard gigging outfit and hone their unique sound in front of appreciative audiences everywhere.

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