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7 Dead Roses - Vol 1
A Big Bender Records Compiliation
Live at BLIND WILLIE'S - Vol 1
Recorded Live at Blind Willie's,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Buckskin Stallion
Blue Ribbon Buzz
Clint Clymer
It's All About the Ride

The Dalhart Imperials
The Earps 
Get A Room 
The Earps 
Self Titled 
Ash Ganley
& The Lyons Rock Council

Dark Fuel
The Hideaways
The Whisky Tango Sessions
Full Boar Kenny Kilgore
- Bad Luck Blues
Full Boar Marty Jones &
The Pork Boilin' Poor Boys

- Full Boar
Porter Hall Tennessee
All Sinners Welcome Here
Noon's Moonlight
Tornado Magnet
Double Wide
The Way-Goners
Hella Highway
The Way-Goners
Kickin Up Dust
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